A Consider the Racism in Center of Darkness by Joseph Conrad

Racism in Heart of Darkness

Racism in Heart of Darkness

Chinua Achebe, a well-known writer, once

gave a lecture at the University of Massachusetts about Joseph Conrad's

Heart of Darkness, entitled "A GRAPHIC of Africa: Racism in Conrad's Heart

of Darkness." Throughout his essay, Achebe notes how Conrad employed Africa

as a background just, and how he "set Africa up as a foil to European countries,"(Achebe,

p.251) while he also "projects the impression of Africa as 'the other world,'

the antithesis of Europe and for that reason of civilization."(Achebe, p.252)

By his own interpretations of the written text, Achebe demonstrates Conrad eliminates"the African as a human being factor," thus "reducing Africa to the role of

props."(Achebe, p.257)

In supporting these accusations against

Conrad, Achebe cites specific examples from the written text, while also, pointing

out that there surely is a lack of certain qualities among the characters.

Achebe then compares the descriptions of the Intended and the indigenous woman.

Explaining that the savage "fulfills a structural dependence on the story:

a savage counterpart to the refined