A Discussion on Father and mother' and Teachers' Ineffective Ways of COPING WITH Children's Low Success Rates

Team work

The difficulty with the American institution system is due to the ineffectiveness of the teachers and the shortcoming of parents to deal with their kids who are struggling but usually do not receive the right help until it really is too late. Specifically, students will dropout or give up their educational and profession goals as a result of one bad grade, which benefits from the defective educational program in America, which is rated by the PISA (Programme for International Scholar Assessment) at the amount of 38th in math and 24th in technology out of 71 countries. Therefore, the students’ achievement rates are so lower in American schools due to having less parental involvement, teachers’ ineffective ways of instruction because of little to no pay,school have no funds to contain better educational system for the student . and having less motivation and dedication from students to work hard, to think, and unlock their infinite probable. Overall, this may also discuss possible answers to this educational dilemma by considering extra parental involvement in the home, new teaching methods predicated on technology that instill self confidence and motivation in to the student, and bettering the students’ study patterns and simplifying career goals.

Lack of parental involvement is certainly a major reason behind low students’ success costs. (“Parent Involvement Matters”) video recording defines the research previously thirty years has proven that the kid is much more likely to succeed and