A Information of Hoover and Roosevelt Which Possessed Very Different Ideas on what The Depression OUGHT TO BE Handled

Hoover and Roosevelt had completely different ideas how the

Depression should be handled. This is almost completely due to two

integral differences within their schemas; Hoover was a Republican, and

had basically worked his way through existence, while Roosevelt was not

only a Democrat, he had in essence been born with the proverbial silver

spoon in his oral cavity. As one may easily see, in lots of ways these two are

complete opposites; actually, if one talks about both their upbringing and

their political affiliation, it appears that Roosevelt's and Hoover's

policies must have been different in a great number of ways. Hoover was

brought up in an unhealthy family, and worked nearly his life time. When

he was eight years old, his father and mother died so he visited live with his

uncle. His uncle caused him, and later on became rich. Hoover had

endured a great number of hardships in his lifestyle, and knew what it had been like

to do without. In fact, Hoover was inadequate as a kid, although not

necessarily living in poverty. This influence on his schema