An Research of the Technology of america Navy in the Video

The video from america navy is an extremely exhilarating exemplory case of a primary source. Featured through the entire video are many different types of new and interesting technology, such as for example drones which will help map battle zones, robots that will be destroying roadside explosives, and jets that may maneuver much better than those of the enemy. The focus of the video was created to screen the technology that the navy features and implements, showing that america Navy is becoming a solid, technologically-advanced global force.

The opening picture of the training video shows a huge red blimp that's floating in the sky, accompanied by a fleet of ships heading towards it. This scene may very well be a symbol of capacity to display the way the navy is a strong global pressure. The ships stick to the balloons, as though they are tracking them.

The next picture of the video tutorial demonstrates an aircraft carrier going about the open up waters, with various aircraft aboard. The aircrafts will be taking off, in what appears like a hastened trend, all directed by a deck operator who signals when to remove. They will be shot off the finish of the deck by using a launch system, following the jets happen to be airborne, they too appear to be following a big reddish balloon which is shifting slowly above the water.

Appearing within the next clip of the video tutorial is several soldiers who are building a shelter in what appears to