Chromebot ads are being used to promote a number of educational software titles and to advertise booksellers.

According to an analysis of Google’s AdWords ads, the ads were first placed on Chromebots on April 6, 2018.

They were removed from the Chrome store by April 19.

A search for “google books” returns a list of titles, which is also searchable on Google Books.

Chromebotic books, for example, have been promoted by Google to readers who can be found on Google’s social network, Google+ .

The ads were used in the following titles: The Biggest Mistake of the Century: A Tale of Successful Failure by Andrew Weil (October 2018), The Book of Common Sense: The Story of How the American Medical System Failed Its Patients by Daniel J. Stavisky (February 2018), and The Secret by David Foster Wallace (September 2018).

The first two are by Andrew and David, respectively.

The third title, The Book of Uncommon Sense, is by the same author, Daniel Stavinsky.

In total, Google has promoted over 100 titles from the four categories mentioned above.

The books in question have been available for sale since 2018.

The authors and publishers, including the publisher of the books in the first two categories, have not commented on the placement of the ads, although the publisher did make it clear that the content is for educational purposes only.

A Google spokesperson declined to comment further, saying that it was “an internal matter” and that the company does not comment on individual ads.

Chromebook ads are a new way to promote and sell books to users, which have the potential to increase the number of Chromebook users in the market.

Chromecommerce has previously used Google ads in promotions of books.

The company has promoted titles from several publishers, most notably Penguin Random House.

ChromemakerAds, the company behind the ads mentioned above, claims that its ads will be available on the Chrome Store from October 2018.

However, a Google spokesperson said that the ad placement was “not planned at this time.”

Chromebody has also previously advertised with Chromebooks, including through a promotion on October 10, 2018, in which the ads appeared alongside ads for the Chromebook Pixel.

As noted above, Google sells Chromebook computers, but it does not sell books.

Google has no intention of selling books to Chromebook users.

The ads do not appear on the Chromebook device itself, and the ads do appear in a separate browser tab in the Chrome browser.

If the ads appear on a Chromebook, it will likely be through the Chromebodernad page on

The first of the three titles mentioned above was created by the author, Andrew Weill.

The second book was written by Daniel Stravisky.

The author has not responded to Ars’ request for comment.