The ad industry is flooded with job ads, many of which are paid, and all of which have an educational or professional component.

There’s also a big push for education jobs.

This week, an ad agency has released an infographic showing the top 10 educational jobs that can be filled by a candidate who has an education degree.

The infographic, entitled “10 educational jobs for a college grad,” is designed to help candidates fill out job applications with an education background.

It also offers some insights into how the job market is trending for the next few years.

In the chart, you can see that a candidate with a bachelor’s degree or higher can expect to earn around $13,000 per year, with an average salary of around $53,000.

This means that candidates who are looking to get into a college degree are in a good position to secure a job that pays well.

Some of the most popular education jobs are in the healthcare field, which has seen the most demand.

The number of jobs in the field grew by almost 70 percent between 2007 and 2016.

Thats why it was important to keep up with the growth in demand for healthcare jobs, according to the infographic.

It found that the number of healthcare jobs in 2016 was 8.6 million, a slight decrease from the previous year, which was 7.4 million.

Healthcare jobs are not just for graduates.

There are also some positions for those who have completed a degree in a related field.

The most popular career paths for a degree holder in the educational industry are: a Bachelor’s degree in education, an Associate’s degree, a Master’s degree and a Doctorate degree.

A Bachelor’s Degree in, an online career site, tracks the education jobs in various fields and provides career-specific advice on the careers you might want to pursue.

This infographic is another way to show the potential of a college education, according the career paths it gives.

The infographic shows the top 25 careers in education and offers some interesting statistics.

First, the infographic shows that the average salary for the job is around $48,000, which is a slight increase from last year.

The median salary is around the $45,000 range.

This could indicate that candidates with a Bachelor of Science in education could be able to secure an entry-level position, while those with a Master of Science degree can expect higher pay.

Second, the average number of students graduating from a college program is around 4,000 students.

This is a large increase from the past three years, which saw just 2,500 students graduating in 2017.

The unemployment rate for this year is around 3.9 percent.

If a candidate wants to get a college diploma, he or she should consider taking on a full-time job in the academic field, according CareerPaths and Education.

The survey also found that employers are looking for more than just a bachelor of science degree.

They want candidates with strong communication skills and a strong interest in teaching and learning.

Last, the top jobs in education include: a Doctor of Education, a Doctoral Degree in Educational Administration, a Registered Nurse, a Teacher, an Instructional Assistant, a Therapist and an Intern.

It is also important to note that the top occupations in education are all in the Healthcare field, as there are about 6,000 jobs for healthcare workers in the United States.

This makes it a great career for candidates with the knowledge and experience to work in this area.

A Bachelor’s in Education is a prerequisite for many other jobs, as well.

The degree in Education provides candidates with training in multiple areas, including communication, organizational skills, customer service, customer relations, information technology, human resources, leadership, information security, research, information management, and business.

Career Paths and EO Educational, a career and career development website, offers career-focused tips for candidates who want to find a career in the education field.

It gives job candidates tips for how to get their resumes up to date, as it provides information about jobs that might interest them.