Advertising Education advertises for jobs for teachers, as the global economy falters. 

The new job posting gives the job to a female teacher who will start in February 2018 and is expected to earn $70,000 annually. 

 Advertising Education advertizes for positions in schools, healthcare and post-graduate education, with the advert saying the position is expected to create significant savings for the school and the school district. 

It advertises that the position will be supervised by an experienced teacher and is expected to work for the national school system. 

It advertises a £45,000 salary for the position, with an initial salary of £55,000. 

A source close to the advert told Business Insider that the advert has been in the works for several years. 

“It’s not just a matter of hiring a new teacher.

It’s hiring someone with a proven track record,” the source said. 

The ad also advertises the possibility of a senior role in the schools administration, with £50,000 for the post. 

According to the ad, the teacher will be able to help ensure children are well cared for, be part of the learning experience and develop the skills necessary to become successful in the job. 

Adverts for job opportunities in education have become more commonplace, as jobs have become cheaper and people are looking for work, the source close to the advert told Business Insider. 

With so many jobs advertised, it is no surprise that many schools and colleges have been flooded with job seekers looking for new jobs. 

However, a source close to the advert said the ad was in the final stages of being written. 

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