The worst teachers are the ones who are the worst in every way.

And they’re everywhere you look.

As you head into the classroom, teachers are everywhere, even in the halls of Congress, the media, the halls at the beach and in front of your face.

As your school is the place where you learn, it’s important to keep an eye out for those who will not respect the importance of learning.

These are the teachers who do not respect their students.

And while they may not seem like a problem, they are.

In the past year alone, there have been several cases where teachers have assaulted students, sexually harassed them, lied about incidents to students and even lied about their credentials.

They do not have the respect of the student to be trusted to teach.

The teachers that you need to look out for are the bad teachers.

To help protect yourself from them, learn how to identify teachers who are not worthy of your trust.

This article originally appeared on The Good Teacher and has been republished here with permission.