An article from Google’s blog post on this topic states that the company will be offering a higher education ad campaign to Google’s AdWords advertisers.

The ad campaign will be based on Google Search Adwords.

Advertisers will be able to choose the content and duration of the campaign, according to the post.

The ad campaign is part of a wider strategy Google is running to improve the performance of its AdWords platform, and it is being seen as a significant step towards its goal of having Google search as the primary search engine on the internet.

Google has been running AdWords campaigns for several years, including a campaign in 2013 which paid for the first time for ads in India.

Google has also been making some efforts to promote itself in the country, with advertisements targeting businesses and individuals in the last two months.

Google is also known for its digital ads and has paid for several such campaigns, including one in 2014 which paid $10 million for ads.