A free video on-demand video-sharing app is being developed by an education startup.

Key points:Auckland schools use video to educate students on digital literacyKey points Auckland schools are using video to teach digital literacyThe app is a collaboration between the Auckland Council and digital education company EDSON, which will be available on the NZS Library app in 2019New Zealand’s Education Ministry has launched a digital education app called ‘Pulse’ which will allow teachers to upload videos to share with their students, with the ability to review and comment on them.

The app was developed by the Auckland Education Council and EDSO, which has partnered with Auckland City and State to create a digital educational app for the city.

“Pulse aims to enable the delivery of high quality video education to Auckland children in a way that is accessible to all,” said a spokesperson for Auckland City Council.

“The app will also give teachers the ability in the future to upload to our libraries a variety of video content to help them teach their students to use digital literacy, particularly in schools that have been deemed low in digital literacy and have an underserved population of children.”

“We’re also delighted to partner with a company like EDSOS that will be able to provide us with additional information on the app, to help us make the best app for our learners,” said the spokesperson.

Teachers will be required to register for the app before they can upload a video to it.

“In the first year, teachers will be asked to make sure that they are able to access their library accounts and also ensure that they have their own video library,” the spokesperson said.

“We will also work with local teachers to make use of their online resources and tools, including videos, so that we can make sure the videos that we are sharing are relevant and helpful for our students.”

Pulse has the ability for teachers to set up an account, and upload their videos to it in order to share them with their pupils. 

Teachers are required to pay for a subscription, with an annual fee of NZ$15.

The Auckland Council says that while the app will be accessible to students across Auckland, it will not be for use by Auckland’s primary school students, as they are currently not able to have access to it through their primary school library.

The spokesperson said that the app is not aimed at the education community, but will help teach students the skills needed for the digital literacy they will need to compete with the growing digital economy.

“There are many different ways of learning, so there are different ways for teachers and students to learn,” she said.

The launch of Pulse is the latest in a string of digital initiatives in the Auckland City Government.

In January, the Government launched a pilot project which has a number of online learning options, including the ‘Kiwi for Kids’ and ‘Teach Kiwis’ apps, both of which are being used in schools.

“These apps are great at teaching students about literacy, numeracy and computer skills, but we want them to be accessible and accessible to everyone, including teachers,” said Councillor Simon Turecki.

“With the introduction of Pulse, teachers can now share their content with their learners and make sure they are learning about digital literacy as well.”

“It’s a collaboration that will give us the opportunity to bring together some of the most innovative teachers and educators in the country and provide them with the tools they need to make the most of their time,” he said.