A day after Google launched a new program that allows people to purchase ads from its Google AdWords platform, the company’s parent company, Alphabet, is taking a more aggressive stance in the ad business, and its own ads.

Google, which has long been criticized for its inability to distinguish between organic and paid search advertising, launched the program on Wednesday.

The move comes after the company announced that it had launched a pilot program that provides ads to consumers via mobile apps, which will allow it to compete directly with rivals like Facebook.

In a blog post, Alphabet Chief Executive Sundar Pichai said the program, which is being launched as a pilot, will allow Google to “become a true global publisher of content, as well as a global provider of search and advertising.”

Pichai also said that the program will allow the company to “strengthen its relationship with its partners in search and search advertising,” as well.

Google is now allowing people to buy ads from Google Adwords by purchasing an ad banner.

Google’s AdWords program has become a major source of revenue for the company.

Its revenues have jumped nearly 60 percent in the past year alone, according to market researcher eMarketer.

The company has also been increasing the amount of revenue that it makes from ad impressions, an important source of advertising revenue for Google.

Google’s AdSense program, also known as Google AdSense Plus, has been a major revenue driver for the internet advertising company, making up nearly half of Google’s revenue.

Google Adsense has been criticized by many for its advertising practices, with critics saying it rewards brands for appearing in its search results and for offering advertisers a lower rate of return than other ad networks.

Pichay said that, with the new program, advertisers will be able to choose from three types of ads, all of which are available for sale on Google.

The banner ads will include search ads, social media ads, and advertising that appears on the home page of Google Maps.

Pricing is not yet available, but the banner ads could be priced from $1 to $10 per ad, according the company, which added that Google will also allow advertisers to use its AdSense mobile apps to pay for ads on their websites.

The company will be launching the ad program in five markets, including Europe, South America, Asia, Australia, and the United States, Pichay wrote.