You know the drill: you put down your resume and your CV, you walk into the office and ask for a job. 

Then you start talking. 

You are not being paid for your skills or experience. 

And that is when the employer will smile. 

That is when they will hear the words “job offer” in their ears. 

I don’t want to say this is how it happens to all employers, but it is what it does to me.

I’ve been interviewing with employers for a few months now and the only thing I’ve seen is an email from an employer that has received an application from me.

I’ve also seen emails from employers that have asked for me to interview, or that have emailed me to ask me to do interviews.

And I’ve been doing the interviewing. 

This is the one place that I don’t think employers really want to be: a human resource manager.

My bosses are not always happy about it, but there is something wrong with me when I don, as I said, have my own ideas about how to go about building a career.

The thing is, I do not have the same confidence I do when I interview.

And when I do have confidence, I don