Education Canada is in the middle of a “reboot” — it is looking to hire thousands of new teachers and staff, as well as hiring more students to replace some of the teachers who left.

The move comes as the Liberals announced that it would be cancelling the school year for 2018.

However, the move was welcomed by teachers’ unions, who say the government’s new approach will help them keep their jobs.

While the announcement of the reopening of the schools may seem like a small victory for the Liberals, it will do little to appease teachers who say that this move is not only a blow to their jobs, but also a blow against the credibility of their union.

Education Canada has announced that all the teachers, as far as they know, are being retained by the Liberals and that they will be looking for new positions to fill.

In a statement to CBC News, the education ministry said that the re-opening of schools will “give us more time to work collaboratively and learn from the experience.”

The minister added that the province is committed to having a “transparent, transparent and inclusive process” and will work with all stakeholders, including the public and the teachers’ union.

The reopening comes after the Liberals promised to close the schools within a year.

Last week, Education Minister James Moore said that he was hopeful that the schools would reopen this year.

But it appears that he is not the only one to be optimistic about the future.

On Thursday, Education Canada said that it had received more than $300,000 in donations from people across Canada who have been affected by the closure.

“This is a significant financial contribution from people who are already working and who are looking to find jobs in the new year,” the minister said.

“And, in some cases, this has been funded through voluntary contributions by teachers, who were previously forced to take a year off work and rely on support from the government to make ends meet.”

The minister also told CBC News that there will be no layoffs in the next two months.

This is not all that the Liberals will be hiring this year, however.

The minister said that teachers and other staff will also be getting raises and other perks as the new school year approaches.

Some of the new hires will also receive an additional two months of vacation.

As for the reopen, the minister noted that there is “a lot of discussion and debate” on the future of the school system, as the government will be in the midst of a re-think on the way to reopening schools.

He added that this will allow the government “to take a deep breath and look at how best to re-establish confidence in the education system, and how we can make sure that this system is strong and sustainable.”

This story originally appeared on CBC News.