The Internet video streaming site YouTube, which is owned by Google, has long been the main destination for students to watch and record educational videos.

But now, some teachers say they’ve noticed a surge in videos appearing on YouTube that are aimed at kids and teens.

One video titled “Make Your Own Music” by a high school student was recently posted on YouTube.

The video shows the high school music teacher playing his own songs to an animated animated video.

The teacher asks the students, “How can I make music like that?”

The video then shows him playing the songs to the camera.

Another video, titled “How to Play a Music Video” by the teacher, shows him doing his own music video, playing his instrument, and singing along with a teacher’s voice.

“You can go and watch them on YouTube, but I want to be sure that you actually go and listen to them and see how they sound,” the teacher says.

“Because, you know, it’s very hard to make a sound and really hear it,” he says.

The videos are a huge departure from the way teachers used to record music.

The YouTube videos are not new.

The videos have been posted on the site for years, but the teacher said he first noticed the trend when the videos started showing up on the YouTube playlist.

“I think a lot of the teachers, they don’t have the time or the budget to put in the effort, and the money to do this,” he said.

But now, teachers say YouTube is a new source of inspiration for their classes, as well as a way to communicate with their students.

“When you look at the YouTube videos, it reminds you that you can actually do this in school,” the video teacher said.

It’s not like you have to look up the teacher’s name to see his name,” the parent added.”

It’s a lot more interactive and a lot less intimidating,” he added.

“It’s not like you have to look up the teacher’s name to see his name,” the parent added.

Teachers say there is an abundance of content available on YouTube to help kids learn.

Some teachers are looking at other online services such as Facebook and LinkedIn, which offer a similar educational opportunity, as alternatives.

Some of the videos have also been posted to the online community YouTube.TV has been a popular online destination for educational content.

YouTube has been viewed more than 20 million times.

In a statement, YouTube said it “regularly reviews content posted to YouTube for appropriateness, accuracy and general compliance with YouTube’s policies.”