Education Week has launched its first-ever list of the Top 50 Most Advertiser-Driven Schools in the United States.

According to the analysis, there are some notable trends in the data.

The Top 50 Schools in Education Week 2016 have been selected based on their relative contribution to education spending, their size, and the quality of their advertisements.

Here are the top 50 most Advertisers-Drivers in the US:These schools were chosen based on how much they spent on advertising during the 2016-2017 school year.

The total amount of advertising they did during the year is not included in this chart.

The list includes both publicly and privately funded schools.

The latter group includes all publicly funded public schools, as well as private schools that are private for-profit entities.

Schools that have received public funding include:Auburn University, California, $8.6 billionThe University of Southern California, California $8 billionThe College of William & Mary, Virginia $847 millionThe University at Buffalo, New York $831 millionThe Wharton School, Pennsylvania $819 millionThe American University of Beirut, Lebanon $805 millionThe George Washington University, Washington, DC $801 millionThe Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri $798 millionThe College at St. Thomas More, Virginia, $790 millionThe New School for Social Research, New Jersey $787 millionThe Institute of Medicine, Washington $787 billionThe Whittier School of Business, California , $785 millionThe U.S. Naval Academy, California #2, $789 millionThe California Institute of Technology, California: #3, $788 millionThe Massachusetts Institute of Technological Engineering, Massachusetts #4, $787MThe University College London, England #5, $768 millionThe Pennsylvania State University, Pennsylvania #5: #6, $767 millionThe National University of Singapore, Singapore #7, $770 millionThe Georgia Institute of Tech, Georgia #7: #8, $671 millionThe United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland, #8: #9, $660 millionThe Florida International University, Florida #10, $648 millionThe Rutgers University, New Brunswick #11, $641 millionThe Texas A&M University, College Station #12, $637 millionThe John Hopkins University, Baltimore, Maryland #13, $531 millionColumbia University, Maryland: #15, $537 millionThe Brown University, Rhode Island: #16, $512 millionThe Universidad Autónoma de Chile, Chile #17, $500 millionThe International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis, Singapore: #18, $499 millionThe London School of Economics, London: #19, $493 millionThe Graduate Center of the City University of New York, New Yorks: #20, $467 millionThe James Madison University, Madison, NewYork #21, $452 millionThe The College of Wooster, Pennsylvania: #22, $453 millionThe Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis: #23, $450 millionThe Fordham University, Johns Hopkins: #24, $442 millionThe Georgetown University, Georgetown, Maryland (in partnership with the University of Pittsburgh) #25, $410 millionThe City University, London (in collaboration with the City of London) #26, $413 millionThe Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh: #27, $412 millionThe Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles: #28, $408 millionThe Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University in Blacksburg, Virginia: #29, $405 millionThe Wesleyan University, Wesleyan, Virginia #30, $406 millionThe Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory, Hopkins:#31, $400 millionThe Ohio State University: #32, $399 millionThe Dartmouth College, Dartmouth, New Hampshire: #33, $397 millionThe Metropolitan State University of Denver, Denver: #34, $394 millionThe Howard Hughes Medical Institute, Houston: #35, $393 millionThe Drexel University: New York #36, $391 millionThe Cleveland State University-Tulsa: #37, $389 millionThe Lehigh University-New Hampshire: Colorado #38, $388 millionThe Duke University: Durham, North Carolina: #39, $386 millionThe State University at New York College of Engineering, New Mexico: #40, $384 millionThe Syracuse University: Syracuse, New NY: #41, $383 millionThe Louisiana State University School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine, Baton Rouge, Louisiana: #42, $382 millionThe Emory University School for Tropical Medicine and Public Health, Atlanta: #43, $381 millionThe Northeastern University: Boston, Massachusetts: #44, $380 millionThe Southern Methodist University, Dallas, Texas: #45, $378 millionThe Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies, New Haven, Connecticut: #46, $376 millionThe Case