The Education Foundation has admitted to buying ads in an effort to deceive children into enrolling in the education programs.

The ads, which ran in the past few years, featured the message “The College Is Only For Adults,” as well as a photo of a smiling, young, white man holding a sign that read “It’s All About the Kids.”

The Foundation was first exposed for the deceptive ads in a report from the Government Accountability Office (GAO) earlier this year, which found that the organization has purchased nearly $7 billion in ads in the last three years.

The GAO found that $1.2 billion of the ads were paid for by the foundation, and that its “ad-serving” program paid out $1 million to the advertising firm of a company that was paid by the company.

The GAO report found that, in one instance, the company had paid the foundation $250,000 to market its advertising.

The report also found that a company called Creative Advertising Partners (CAPP), which is the parent company of the Education Foundation, had been paid $500,000 by the Education Department to promote the agency’s “ad programs.”

The report also highlighted that another ad agency paid $150,000 for a campaign for the foundation’s “education education education.”

According to the report, the Education Trust, which is run by the Foundation, was paid $10 million to create an online video campaign that the GAO said featured “a white man speaking to a white audience.”

The Education Trust’s director of media communications, Amy Gage, told the GAI that the foundation was not aware of any advertising that used the term “white people” or that it was “targeted at specific groups of people,” the report said.

“We’re not a targeted advertising company, we’re a nonpartisan nonprofit,” she said.

“We’re a nonprofit that focuses on helping kids get into the American workforce.”

The report concluded that the Education Board’s Office of Education did not properly monitor the AdWords campaigns and did not know the advertising was being used in the context of an official campaign, the GAH said.

The Education Foundation said in a statement that it will “continue to work to ensure our ads are appropriate for educational programs and programs that support young people’s development.”

The agency’s director, Amy Dyer, said that the group is “working with the Education Commission to implement new processes to improve compliance.”