Praveen Agrawal and her husband, Sudhir Agrawals, have raised over Rs.10 lakh from friends and family for a school in Bihar.

The money is being used to support the school’s education fund.

The couple is currently on a pilgrimage to visit their children’s schools in Rajasthan.

The Agrawaks, who are from Nagpur, started the fund to give their children a better education.

“We want to educate our children in a good way,” Sudhabhai said.

The Agrawes, who also have two children aged five and four, said that they have made donations of up to Rs.2 lakh to help fund the school fund.

“Our children do not attend primary school but we are trying to bring them to a better place in life.

I feel we need to help them to do that,” Sudharabhai Agrawan said.