Google Books has launched a new advertising campaign aimed at helping you sell your books, and it’s the latest step in the company’s effort to position itself as a place where publishers can find their next best selling books.

Google has also expanded its advertising efforts to other digital media platforms, including YouTube and Facebook.

Google’s new campaign is called Google Books Advertising and it is a free promotion for people who subscribe to Google Books, or who have a Google Books account, but are not a publisher.

The campaign offers free books to people who have Google Books as part of their Google Books library.

The ad campaign will be in English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Swedish and Turkish, Google said.

It will run in English on Google Books for People and in Spanish, German and Portuguese on Google books for people with Google Books.

The new ad campaign is the latest in a growing list of Google Books ads that will begin appearing across Google services.

The ads include adverts for Google Maps and Google Reader, as well as adverts in English for Google Play Music, Google Play Movies and Google Play Games, Google Search, YouTube and Gmail.

Google Books is available to anyone who has Google Books on their device, regardless of whether they are a publisher or not.

Google launched its Google Books service back in July 2018, and is now the number one paid app in Google Play.