The first few months of the year are shaping up to be the biggest for education advertising in the history of Google News.

Advertiser spend on Google News has been rising steadily, but the trend is now accelerating.

According to a new report from research firm Nielsen, more than 2.6 billion ads on Google AdWords have been paid to educators since August.

That’s an increase of over 200 percent year-over-year.

And that’s not even including the more than 3 billion in ads that are paid to parents and educators on the AdWords Marketplace.

The trend could be a reflection of growing awareness of how important education is for young people.

Google has been pushing education-related advertisements for some time now, as has the AdSense Marketplace.

And while there is a wide range of educational and other businesses that advertise on Google, the number of educational ads on AdWords continues to grow.

Nielsen estimates that more than 1.4 billion AdWords ads have been spent on education ads this year.

“This year, we see more and more educators and parents and teachers using AdWords,” said Mark Wiese, senior director of digital advertising at Nielsen.

“In particular, we are seeing more and better-targeted educational content on the Google Adwords Marketplace.”

The rise of education advertising is partly driven by the fact that Google is making it easy for schools to promote their content on Google.

As part of a push to boost search visibility, Google has added an interactive video ad to its search results for teachers’ YouTube videos.

This new feature also includes a number of other improvements.

The AdWords search results now include a parent-friendly section called “AdSense for Educators.”

It includes a parent’s name, contact information, and contact information for teachers who are participating in the program.

In addition, Google is allowing educators to link their Google account to their Google AdSense account, which has been added to AdWords for Education.

AdSense for Education offers a simple process for teachers to get paid by Google to use their videos and audio files.

For example, if a teacher created a video on YouTube and shared it on Google+, then Google would pay for the video.

If a teacher shared the video on Google+ or Facebook, then Google could pay for it, too.

Google’s decision to let educators link their AdSense accounts to their AdWords accounts also has a big impact on the search results on Google for education ads.

For example, search for “educational” will now show a search for teachers.

“We are seeing a lot of teachers and parents getting paid on the YouTube videos,” Wiesse said.

“And we see that a lot in the Adsense Marketplace.”

And in addition to the YouTube video, Google recently launched a program to pay teachers and administrators who produce videos to help them get paid.

In total, the Adwords for Education program has raised more than $9 million for educators in the last three months.

The money has been used to pay for classrooms, classroom supplies, and classroom software, Wieses said.