Posted October 12, 2018 12:27:56 Federal agencies have been advertising their programs and services online for years.

But this time, the government has taken matters into its own hands, with the National Science Foundation (NSF) and the National Institutes of Health (NIH) making their own advertisements to get the public’s attention.

The NSF’s Advertisements section of its website includes several ads from different federal agencies.

For example, the NSF has a banner ad for a National Weather Service program that tells viewers the weather service is an independent organization.

Another NSF ad for National Wildlife Federation says it has a program called “Aquatic Action.”

It shows a video clip of a bobcat chasing a bird, and it also tells viewers that the agency is working with local wildlife rehabilitators to restore habitat and provide education and information about wildlife.

Another ad for the National Institute of Health’s National Center for Emerging and Zoonotic Infectious Diseases (NCEDI) includes a banner advertisement for an NIH program that includes an image of a baby.

The NSF website has many more such ads.

Some of the ads are designed to reach younger audiences.

For instance, a banner advert for a program that teaches students how to become doctors has a caption saying, “Our mission is to develop and maintain a culture of health that respects human dignity.”

Another NSFS advertisement says, “The National Center of Learning and the Arts (NCLOA) is an organization dedicated to providing opportunities for young people to experience the arts through art, music, theater, film, music and dance.”

A banner advert says, The National Institute on Drug Abuse has a vision to help improve drug and alcohol treatment outcomes.

In addition to these advertisements, the NIH also has several other programs that are not labeled as such.

These programs may include outreach, mentoring, and training programs that promote drug and/or alcohol use and prevention.

The NCLOA is an NIH initiative that works to educate students about the drug and drug-abuse issues.

For one example, it provides free online drug and opioid-testing to students enrolled in the NIH’s National School Lunch Program.

The NCLoa also offers peer-to-peer support to students.

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