The world is getting a glimpse into what will be in store for the next generation of interactive games as the world’s largest online gaming company Pandora Educational announced today it is partnering with Microsoft to create an educational game for children ages 4-12.

The game, titled “Pandora,” will be developed by Microsoft and Pandora, and will be distributed to teachers and other education providers through the Microsoft App Store.

In the game, students are given an animated, interactive picture of a pandora pet, and can then interact with it to learn about its history, ecology and history of pandora.

“We’re really excited to be partnering with Pandora to create a unique and engaging video game for our students,” said Brian Smith, CEO and cofounder of Pandora.

“We have a unique opportunity to deliver this game to teachers, parents and other educators who are ready to teach the next-generation of gamers, and it’s our goal to create games that will inspire, engage and educate.”

The Pandora app will feature a variety of interactive content, including educational videos and interactive quizzes.

The app will also include a social media-based interactive content platform to provide real-time updates about the pandora video.

“Pandoras life is a beautiful and inspiring example of evolution,” said Tim Daley, Pandora’s chief content officer.

“When we were first designing our app, we were inspired by the incredible life of a real pandora, the amazing diversity of animals, the natural world, the beautiful places and the incredible animals who are part of our planet.”

Pandora Educational has already created a variety, interactive content for the Microsoft app, including a video for the first three generations of the world, a series of interactive quizzers, a video about the history of the pandoras pet, a photo essay about pandora’s pet and a book about the evolution of pandoras life.

The video will feature animations, animated clips and quizzes designed to teach about the various species of pandas, as well as how the pandas unique life cycle and habitat affects its health and health of its pets.

The Pandoras game is available for free download through the app store for Android and iOS devices.

Pandora also is launching an educational app for the Xbox app.