Health and health care advertisements have become a hot topic after a rash of cases linked to the flu virus hit the U.S. and Canada.ABC News and the Associated Press analyzed data from the U,S.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to determine where ads appear in health and education videos.

We found that health and health education ads have become more popular in recent years, and have increased across the country.

While health ads have been a mainstay of the health and fitness market, the ads have come under scrutiny as a possible threat to public health.

The FDA has issued two new guidance to marketers on the matter.

It advises them to make sure that the ads don’t target or promote the flu, such as making the ads less appealing to children, teens or pregnant women.

The new guidance also suggests using the flu vaccine at least three weeks before an ad.

The FDA has also said that some health and wellness brands have been guilty of deceptive advertising practices.

This is not the first time the agency has raised concerns about the ads.

In January, the agency issued a warning about the misleading advertisements on the popular website Reddit.

Reddit is the world’s largest online community for discussions about health and medical topics.

The agency also warned marketers of the potential for ads to misrepresent or misinform consumers.

This month, the FTC filed a complaint against Facebook, saying the company failed to adequately address the issue.

The agency has asked Facebook to help the agency with its investigation.