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Submissions and upvotes count for more than the number of upvotes you receive.

For this reason, we require that your submission must contain at least a basic premise that your idea is worthwhile.

Your post must be: A) in the news (e.g. about a new game, or a new celebrity) and B) relevant to the topic at hand.

Submit a title that is concise, informative, and clear, not too long, not long, and not too short.

Be sure to link to your original source.

For example, a post that includes a link to the original video might work better than a post with a link that includes the URL.

For the title, we also ask that you:A) use a common word or phrase.

B) describe your idea in a simple, clear way.

C) explain why your idea should be implemented.

If you do not have a compelling reason for implementing your idea, your post will not be eligible for an upvote.

We will consider upvoting your submission if it does not meet these criteria.

We will not consider your post for inclusion in the “Recommended” category.

For the submission guidelines, please see the rule below: The rule applies to all submissions and all upvotes. 

For a specific submission, please click on the link below to see the rules for that submission.

Submissions may not be edited or modified without the prior approval of our Moderators. 

Submissions will be removed if they violate these guidelines, and will be considered “invalid” if the following criteria are not met: