The NHL has yet to make its official decision on who will win its inaugural Stanley Cup championship next season.

However, it is not far from the horizon.

The league has said that it has a list of teams that have a good chance of winning the championship, and one team, the Philadelphia Flyers, is considered to be the favorite.

The Philadelphia Flyers have a chance to win the championship for the second consecutive year, and the NHL has decided to award the championship to the Flyers.

However the league does not make a final decision on the winners of the Stanley Cups.

If the Flyers win the cup, they would become the first team to win it in franchise history.

The Stanley Cup is awarded annually to the league’s best team.

The other two teams to win titles are the Montreal Canadiens and the New York Islanders.

The NHL awarded the Stanley cup to the Chicago Blackhawks in 1997, and that was the last time the team won the championship.

The Blackhawks have been one of the league best teams since they won the Stanley crown in 2013.

The Chicago Blackhawks also had the league leading average goal differential in 2017-18, which was the second best mark in the league.

The average goal difference between the Blackhawks and the other teams was +3.0%.

However, the team’s goal differential dropped to -1.8% from -3.8%.

The Blackhawks were the only team to make the playoffs in 2017.

However they were eliminated by the Columbus Blue Jackets in the second round.

The Boston Bruins and the Detroit Red Wings were the other two playoff teams to make it to the conference finals.

The Detroit Red Wing lost to the Philadelphia 76ers in the conference semifinals.

Detroit lost in the first round to the New Jersey Devils in the opening round.

Pittsburgh lost in round two to the Boston Bruins in the third round.

Philadelphia beat the New Orleans Kings in the round four.

The Montreal Canadiens won the 2016 Stanley Cup and the Boston Celtics won the 2017 Stanley Cup.