TechCrunch – The new video game platform is a lot like the old one, but this time it’s on Google and Facebook.

The new game, “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild,” has been out for more than two weeks, and the ad-supported service, AdMob, has seen more than $1.2 million worth of advertising.

The company’s CEO, Mark Pincus, tells TechCrunch that this is the first time the platform has gone the full-on advertising push, and he expects the platform to become a much bigger player in the advertising space in the coming months.

He also says the game’s marketing team was working with the ad platform and Google to build an algorithm to recognize the best video game ads.

He says there is a strong relationship between the companies, and AdMob has been very responsive in providing the best ad experience.

Pincus says the company plans to expand to other video games in the future.

He also says AdMob is investing in its own video game service, a la Zynga.

He tells TechInsider the company will not be taking on ad-blocking software like Adobe Flash or Mozilla’s FireFox, which have been popular for years.

He says the ad platforms were already using technology that could improve ad performance.

He mentions an ad technology called Content ID that helps the ad network identify the best ads for a video game.

He said that the company has been working with ad networks to use the technology in its video game experiences.PINCUS says Admob is a new platform that has no connection to any of the traditional ad networks.

He told TechInsiders that AdMob also uses a technology called “deep learning” that lets it learn the ad content and match it to the audience.

The platform also has some new tools that can make it easier to understand what content people are interested in, and also better tailor the ads to that specific audience.

It can help advertisers target the right audience and get them to click.

The ad platform was launched in October 2015 and has grown in size and reach.

It now boasts more than 60 million users.

It is one of the biggest online video platforms.

Pancake has a long history of investing in video game companies, most recently partnering with publisher Activision on “The Secret World,” a game that took advantage of a social gaming platform.