A growing number of students, teachers and others are expressing frustration with the Progressive Conservatives government’s education policies.

The Progressive Conservatives swept to power last October promising to tackle student debt, reduce student fees and improve public services.

But that hasn’t gone nearly far enough for many.

More than half of Ontarians say they can’t afford to pay for the school system, while more than three-quarters of Ontarian adults say the quality of education has declined.

And some educators are concerned that the Liberals’ policies will hurt the future of their careers.

Students from a Scarborough school are on the front lines of a national debate on education.

Students from Scarborough Public Schools are the first group to participate in a nationwide initiative called the #CancelTeacherVote campaign.

“We have to change the way we think about education,” said Jennifer Farrar, a sixth-grade teacher from Scarborough.

“[The Liberal government] is not listening to the students.

We are hearing this from them.

They are fed up.

They want something different.”

The #CronusVote is a national conversation that is not just about education.

The hashtag #CrontosVote is trending on Twitter and Facebook.

The #CancelsTeachersVote campaign is also trending.

We are not in denial about what is happening to us and what is coming to us.

We just want the facts.

– #CancersAreNotOnOurSide tweets.twitter.com/4mqVz1xvEI The Ontario Liberals are now the fourth-most popular political party in Ontario behind the Conservatives, NDP and Liberals.

They have also seen their approval ratings drop since last year, but the Liberals are still leading the province.

Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne is also in her final year in office.

While the Liberals have seen some significant gains, it is a marked contrast to the fall that followed her predecessor Dalton McGuinty’s resignation.

The province went into deficit in the fall of 2015 and is now expected to run a deficit of $1.2 billion this year.

This time, the government is also struggling with a $2.2-billion deficit.

With the #StopCronutresDisease campaign, students across Ontario are demanding a full accounting of the government’s policies.