Higher education is an increasingly hot topic.

According to a survey from AdWeek, the top 10 ad spending advertisers for 2017 are all universities and colleges: Duke University, Northwestern University, UC Berkeley, the University of Virginia, Dartmouth College, the State University of New York at Buffalo, University of Michigan and the University at Buffalo.

These are the 10 advertisers most likely to target students who are interested in attending a higher education institution, with many more of them spending a higher percentage of their ad budgets on ads targeting those students than they would have on ads for any other brand.

The top three advertisers on the list are both universities: Stanford University, the California Institute of Technology, and Yale University.

Here are the top ad spenders for the year, with some highlights: Stanford Stanford University Stanford University has been the top college advertiser for several years now.

In 2016, it spent $7.9 million on advertising, or 1.4% of its ad budget, for which it made $1.5 million.

That was followed by MIT ($6.3 million), Harvard ($6 million), and the New York University ($4.9 billion).

The top five schools on the ad spend list are all based in California: the University in San Francisco ($3.6 million) and Stanford University ($3 million).

MIT The University of Massachusetts Amherst has been a consistent advertiser on higher education advertisements.

The university’s ad spending on advertising this year is up 7.3% from 2016.

MIT The Massachusetts Institute of Science has been consistently the top advertiser in higher education for several decades.

MIT was the top university advertiser last year for higher ed advertising, spending $5.5 billion.

In 2017, MIT was ranked third.

UC Berkeley In 2017 the University, Berkeley, was the third most popular advertiser.

It made up nearly 13% of the top 50 advertisers for advertising, with more than half of the money spent going to advertising for its undergraduate and graduate students.

UC Irvine The University in Orange, California, made up the third-most advertisers for ad spending in 2017, making up $2.9 more than the next-most-popular university.

UC Santa Barbara The University at Santa Barbara spent $1 million on ads this year, more than any other school in the U.S. The University spent $838,000 on advertising in 2017.

The UC Berkeley Ad Council was the highest paid advertising agency in the United States in 2017 and made a whopping $919,000.

The school was ranked second for total ad spend.

University of California at Berkeley The University’s Ad Council made $2 million last year.

The largest amount of money the university spent on advertising was $895,000, or 14% of total ad spending.

University at Berkeley was ranked in the top five universities for ad spend in 2017 with more money going to ad spending for its graduate students than the University’s undergraduate students.

Tufts University Tufts has been on a spending spree, as the school was the fourth-most popular college advertisers in 2017 for advertising.

Tuft University Tuft’s ad spend on advertising is up 8.3%, and that is partially due to Tufts spending $965,000 more on advertising than it did in 2016.

Tuias’ ad spend is down from last year’s record-breaking $1 billion, but it still ranks second.

Yale University Yale University was a leading advertiser during the year for advertising for undergraduate and grad students.

AdWeek reported that Yale spent $5,818,000 in ad spending last year, or about 17% of their total ad budget.

The New York City-based university spent $3,958,000 last year on advertising for undergraduates and grads, which is more than twice as much as Yale spent on ad spending this year.

MIT MIT spent more money on advertising last year than the average American college, but its ad spend for undergrad and grad spending is still down.

The average American university spent more on ad spend last year to make up for spending on its students.

University and College of California-Berkeley University spent more than $1,400,000 for advertising in the year of 2017, according to AdWeek.

The total amount spent by University of Cal-Berke was $566,000 and the total amount that the University spent was $1 and $2, respectively.

University in New York At New York’s John F. Kennedy School of Government spent more advertising last years than any of the universities in the country.

The $1 per $1 spent advertising from the school to advertisers was the fifth highest in the nation, behind only the University and Boston University, and surpassed even the University College of Pennsylvania, which spent $917,000 to make its ads appear on the top 20.

University College London University College was the most popular school in 2017 in the ad spending ranking.

It spent $2 billion on advertising.

Duke University Duke University spent the