Ontario’s education minister is defending the province’s controversial new curriculum, which allows students to see maps of all the schools they attended in a single day.

The new curriculum is set to be rolled out across the province by the end of the year.

But education minister Liz Sandals says it will not go into effect until at least the end the spring.

Sandals said she was not aware of any students being affected by the new curriculum until she started seeing students using it.

She said she is concerned that students may feel the program is too difficult to navigate because of the use of Google Maps.

Sandals told reporters the curriculum was designed to make learning easier for students and she is “concerned” it may not be effective in this way.

Sandal said it is up to students to decide if they are comfortable with the new program.

She said she will meet with teachers on Monday to discuss the issue.

The Education Ministry has not responded to requests for comment on the new curricula.

Ontario Education Minister Liz Sandal says the new system is designed to ease learning for students.

Sandal, left, speaks to reporters in Toronto on Tuesday.

The curriculum uses the Google Maps app, which is used to locate school buildings, with the primary objective of allowing students to map the buildings, Sandals told a news conference on Tuesday afternoon.

Sandalls also said she had not yet received a formal complaint from a parent who complained about the new process.

“The curriculum is designed for students to learn, it’s not designed to be a means to an end,” she said.

Ontary has become one of only four provinces to allow the use for personal learning of Google maps.