The average bachelor’s degree is expected to cost more than $200,000, according to a report released Tuesday by the Institute for College Access & Success.

The median salary for a full-time job in education was $55,000 in 2016, according the National Education Association.

The report said that in the last few years, the median income for full- and part-time workers in education has risen from $30,000 to $54,000.

The Institute for Career Education and Career Development released the report on its website, noting that the average student loan debt has increased to $3,500 per year.

The group also said that the median household income for adults with a bachelor’s and master’s degree increased from $48,000 and $63,000 respectively in 2016.

The median family income for a college graduate with a master’s in education increased from nearly $40,000 for the lowest-paid group to more than nearly $57,000 over the same period.

The study said that, despite these increases in the cost of a bachelor degree, the number of people who earned more than the national median wage for full time work has decreased from 17 percent in 2016 to 9 percent in 2017.