With a new digital platform launching this week, a digital platform aimed at helping students in poverty is aiming to help them out in a much more practical way.

Education Minister Andrew Barr says the platform, called Education For All, aims to help parents and students in the classroom.

“Education for All is a platform that is designed to empower students in disadvantaged areas to connect with one another, to share ideas, and to build stronger relationships,” Mr Barr said.

“This platform will allow parents and learners to better understand one another’s experiences, and create a stronger sense of community and community support.”

Mr Barr says he hopes the platform will help schools across Australia build a stronger network of peers and teachers to encourage students to take on challenging subjects.

“The new platform, Education For Everyone, will enable educators to support each other and help students improve,” Mr Barr said.

The Government says Education For Most is now in its first stage of development, and is expected to be available for download in the coming months.

“While we still need to refine and implement the platform for schools and communities, we’re confident that it will significantly improve the lives of many students,” Mr Carr said.

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