Correctional Expert

 Correctional Police officer Essay

Week 5: Individual Job 1

Present student's Name: Dwayne Johnson

During Weeks 4-6, you will exploration and set a Career Dissertation. The article will be created using a writing process that includes several steps according to the plan provided in the Week four Individual Function 1 recommendations. Week some Individual Function

To complete the Week four portion of the Career Essay, type your name in the space offered above and items 1-3 listed below. Type your answers in the spaces provided. Save your document and submit towards the Week four Individual Function 1 container in the Dropbox. 1 . Choose a career to analyze.

Your essay might be about any kind of career discipline that captures your interests (e. g. accounting, computer technician, medical, paralegal, etc . ).

Type the career field you might have chosen to talk about here: _Correctional Officer___________ __________.

2 . Check out five (5) Web sites associated with the career you've selected. Whenever you conduct your online research, remember that your career essay will include the following required info: * Explanation of the job and the situation you would like to obtain. * The key reason why you decided to go with that job

* Hairdresser requirements including: minimum education, continuing education requirements including those required to maintain recognition, and the advantages of advanced education. * Wage expectations.

2. Personal qualities needed to be powerful in the position. * Potential customers for growth in the location and/or profession field. A good place to start is a Everest Career Education Network, Resources simply by Program case. Explore five Web sites, either through the links presented on the Everest Career Education Network site or via a search using your browser. Try to find answers for the questions you happen to be required to talk about in your newspaper (bulleted list above). Be aware: Wikipedia and ehow. com are not trustworthy Websites and definitely will not become accepted with this assignment.

three or more. Choose the three (3) Internet sites...

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