Keyframes in Expensive CS3

[This is Step 15 from the Flash CS3 Animation Tutorial]

Keyframes in Flash CS3 is an important concept to understand. The Timeline, Support frames and Keyframes

The timeline is composed fo various layers and many frames within just each part. In the picture of the fb timeline below the 10th frame from the layer " Train" is definitely selected.

The first frames of all the tiers are keyframes and are mentioned by a greyish background and black dot. The remaining frames are typical blank. Ongoing with the training let us start to animate the wheel inside the " wheel animation" motion picture clip by creating fresh keyframes inside the movie clip's timeline. Getting yourself into the " Wheel Animation" Symbol

Let's begin by getting into the symbol " wheel animation”. To do this: * Double click the wheel for the stage.

* You will see the main stage components fade away slightly in support of the steering wheel remains crystal clear. * Also, you will see the movie clip sign name " wheel animation” appear subsequent to " Scene 1”.

* You are able to click on " Scene 1” to go back to the main stage location. Animating the Wheel - Part you

Right now let's associated with wheel go round.

* Click the 5th frame in the fb timeline of the video clip " wheel animation".

* Insert a key frame (right click & " Insert Key Frame”) * Today rotate that 90 levels counter clock wise

Modify > Transform > Rotate 80 degrees CSW

2. Though it could look like the wheel is definitely the same, Adobe flash knows that the wheel has rotated and will also be able to see the results in the animation after. * Place another important frame on the 10th, 15th and twentieth frames spinning each time. * Take a look at the wheel animation.

Control > Test Motion picture

2. You will notice that the wheel is turning however the movement is rather jerky.