Educated Monarchs

 Enlightened Monarchs Essay

Frederick the Great of Prussia and Joseph II of Luxembourg both adopted many educated policies while reforming although both of them did not utilize each of the enlightenment tips. Both of the rulers were similar in the ways that they used educated ideas and just how far that they advanced these kinds of ideas.

Frederick the Great of Prussia was a strong believer that the king was the 1st servant of the state. which meant he'd do what is necessary for the long-term betterment of the condition. The major factor he discovered essential to generate Prussia better in the long-run is a greater army accustomed to expand Prussia's territories. Frederick was a extremely intelligent gentleman and was open to the philosophes ideas for some time. Frederick, contrary to beliefs of many philosophes, led a massive army which usually he held no objection to applying. Frederick likewise made a lot of social alterations which used the philosophes ideas immediately like his reforms upon freedoms and punishments. Frederick gave the Prussian persons some liberties that Joseph II would not give to his citizens just like freedom of speech and press. These kinds of freedoms were limited but nevertheless largely not the same as many nobles at the time. Set up a single code of laws and regulations similar to Joseph's but his code of laws which usually eliminated the application of torture except in treason and homicide cases.

Joseph II of Austria was determined to make adjustments on the express and at the same time enhancing the Habsburg power throughout Europe. One of the main parts of the Enlightenment that Frederick had not been able to protected was the capability to abolish serfdom. Serfdom wasn't able to be eliminated in Prussia due to Frederick's dependence on all of them for tending to the military services and ruling his bureaucracy. Joseph II was in the favor with the peasants while Frederick was trying to get on the nobilities " good-side. " Joseph II issued various decrees and laws (6, 000 decrees and 10, 000 laws) while in the procedure for transferring philosophes ideas to the Austrian federal government.

There are many similarities...

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