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1Executive Summary3


2 . 1Why create the spreadsheet? a few

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Executive Summary

The function of this business report is to analyse the data given and present suggested approaches to further increase the business. It provides the examination of the presented data as well as the recommendations to help with the organization success. Data from the schedule was analysed and approaches to problems received. Key studies such as the revenue and profits were analyzed. Mistakes were made on the spreadsheets considering the fact that have already been cured. In conclusion, this kind of business statement analyses each of the data given and there was an attempt to resolve the problems discovered.


Why create the spreadsheet?

The purpose of creating the schedule is to allow users to analyse uncooked data more proficiently. It permits the performance of conditional decisions, understand problems, produce decisions and implement solutions. The schedule can be used to evaluate all the information and construct money analysis desk to evaluate how healthy and balanced the business can be. It also enables the user to see the information in a more organized, set up and structured way. The spreadsheet allows us to give even more informed and accurate details, and from there we can better guide the owners of " Montego Bay Apartments”.

The creation of the chart allowed the proprietor, Miranda Ho, to process data very easily compared to her previous approach to manually saving bookings depending on when they were received. It of information manually when compared to a schedule is much less efficient while higher odds of human mistake occurring is a lot higher. Finalizing of data can be very difficult and time consuming when compared to analysing info on a chart. Isolated info such as looking at bookings based on dates can also be viewed better and easily as a result of functions that excel gives. In comparison, more info can be reached using a chart compared to a manual system of recording info.

The actual spreadsheet says.

The data provided in the given surpass had errors in the price cut given to customers, the total revenue and the profits collected per apartments. Following analysing and remedying the errors, findings were made about the business outlook for " Montego Bay Apartments”. The spreadsheet will help us to compress all of the raw info provided by the manually documented bookings which in turn we can use for analyse after which use the details obtained to implement strategies to help improve the company. From the spreadsheet, it tells us that the least profitable house is the 1 Bedroom apartment which a new total revenue of $1, 727. It only brought in 6. 84% of the total profits to get the year 2011. The most profitable condo is the One particular Bedroom Elegant apartment which brought in a total profit of $10, 452. It introduced 41. 39% of the total profits from the year 2011; a significant sum compared to the lowest amount brought in.

The money level for " Montego Bay Apartments” is low for the year 2011 due to a couple of factors which may have negative impacts on the profit. Factors that affected the lower profit are the high over head, high expenses of cleaning, low nightly expenses on each house and the large discounts that were offered to customers. The charges for every apartment could be argued to become significantly low but this could be because asking too high of a price trigger customers to find cheaper alternatives and trigger even reduced profits. The gains of One Room apartments of $4. 73 per day previously show the fall of organization....