Fighting for private honor

Sees that his fate leads him to death so he could be willing to sacrifice his your life so his name will be appreciated Cared small about whatever except for his own desire

”... but this kind of man's desire, remember, should be to lead, to lord it out everyone, offer orders to the rest of all of us! ” (lines 337-340) ”Well, this time I actually make sail for home. Better to take today to my delivers. Why linger, cheated of winnings, to create wealth for you? ” (lines 197-199). ”And let them the two bear witness before the gods who living bliss, because before males who expire, including this harsh king, if ever hereafter a need to me arises to hold the rest from black eliminate and ruin” (lines 394-398). ”Thetis remaining her child still using for the softly belted girl to whom they had wrestled from him... ” (lines 494-496) Loss of girl=loss of exclusive chance

”He explains to the delegates that he has chosen to return to his kingdom and live out his life in comfort, forgoing the honor of dying a hero's death in battle” (246). Vengeance

Hector killed his best friend

”On hearing of Patroclus's death, Achilles is conquer with sadness and trend. Vowing to avenge his friend, he finally returns to the battle” (246) ”Hector, had you thought that you may kill Patroclus and be secure? Nothing to hate from me; I was not there. Most childishness... The dogs and kites can rip your system. Hiss is going to lie in honor if the Achaeans give him funeral” (lines 392-400) ”Down by the boats Patroclus's human body lies unwept, unburied. I actually shall not forget him while I keep my personal feet among the living” (lines 458-460). Activities Taken

Strong temper/rage

" A pain just like grief considered on the boy of Peleus, and in his shaggy chest this way and that the passion of his cardiovascular system ran; ought to he pull longsword by hip, stand off the others, and destroy in one combat the truly great son of Atreus, or hold his rage in check and give that time? ” (lines 220-225) " Nevertheless the child of Peleus turned on Agamemnon and lashed out by him, allowing his anger ride in execration... ” (lines 263-265) " Upon hearing of Patroclus's death, Achilles is definitely overcome with grief and rage. Vowing to avenge his friend, he finally returns for the battle, pitilessly slaying the Trojan forces” Accuses Agamemnon of being a glory chase and trying for taking more than his fair share " I have noticed more actions hand to hand in those assaults you have, but when the time pertaining to sharing comes, the greater reveal is always yours” (lines 192-195). Sensitive when his pride is in jeopardy

" Eyes wet with tears, this individual spoke” (lines 412-414)

" Thetis still left her kid still using for the softly anchored girl who they had wrestled from him... ” (Lines 494-496) Selfish/prideful

sets his personal needs previously mentioned his army's lives.

" Without Achilles' support, the Greeks are at an important disadvantage up against the Trojans” (246) " Achilles' immense pleasure is uncovered as he stubbornly refuses to recognize Agamemnon's gifts” (246). "... he features decided to come back to his empire and live his lifestyle in comfort, forgoing the honor of dying a hero's death in battle” (246) Torture's Hector's corpse


Role/ Reaction of other folks

Only his mom grieves for him

" Her eyes loaded, an a tear fell because she answered” (line 476) His military respected him when he was at battle nevertheless he would not seem to have got a close romance to any individual but his mother and possibly his bet friend Patroclus Role of gods

Hera favored the Greeks generally

Athena was constantly simply by his part

" Then simply Athena, gray-eyed, to the boy of Peleus, falling along with him, and near him, saying swiftly: ‘Now now I think us, Achilles liked by Zeus, shall bring Achaeans triumph in the ships by killing Hector... ” (lines 253-259) " As his tumult influenced him, when he slid the big blade slowly and gradually from the sheath, Athena came to him from the sky” (Lines 226-228) Apollo did not favor him

" Archer of heaven, deadliest of undead gods, putting me off of the track, turning me...