La Violence (1995): dir. Mathieu Kassovitz- France

Starkly shot in black and white-colored to show a Paris not really on any map, the film relates to Frances intolerance towards outsiders. After neighborhood youth Ridderskab is beaten unconscious simply by police, a riot develops on his property during which a policeman seems to lose his gun. La Haine follows vinz, Hubert and said, three young men trapped in the Parisian economic, ethnic and social underclass.

Watching the film, what really was out to me personally was the approach the film shot- -Being wholly in black and white

-The method the character types were launched

-The method segments and time was split (using subheadings)

-The fluidity of the film is almost soft

-Individual views of the characters

The film shows electric power, poverty and conflict within the estate of Paris:


-The police have an overabundance power

-The gun offers vinz electricity.

-Being with each other gives them power and resistance: Around the rooftop resistant to the police, in the art gallery against the rich guy, against the skinheads. - The drugs let them have a level of power

- Saids close friend has a large amount of power.


-Between the police

-Between the other person and their conflicting ideals- Vinz: Depravity, Stated: Innocence, Hurberg: The values - There is conflict among those in the upper class plus the lower course -Gender discord as well (The sister, The grandma, the other sister, the women inside the art gallery) -Shows the hostility that ferments in the estate


They cannot afford such things as schoolbooks, meals, and operating a gym -Rely on medicines to acquire money

-Contrasted in the art gallery

-We view the rich house that demonstrates the prosperous part in Paris -- Those of ethnic minority are living in the weakest sections, like in The City of God they are really pushed for the outskirts to remain the image of wealth

Comparing it to The City of God and Ameros Perros there a comparison: -Ameros Perros: They equally show aspects of three tales and lives. - Every Location...