The aim of this kind of community internship program is for us to provide knowledge and practical experience essential for functioning skillfully and successfully upon licensure in a health-system pharmacy. Like a first year pharmacy scholar, I feel so nervous prior to entering into this kind of internship since I how to start what will happen when I'm into it and what will be the possible impact, but I'm really glad when I completed the required range of hours since all the diligence and eschew has made off. Within my internship period in MD-Rosario I skilled a lot like managing of drugs and arranging that to it is respective gondola, paper tabletting, dispensing, plus more that is not staying practiced in the school. During our first day at MD-Rosario they introduced to us the guidelines and polices of the drugstore from the placing your signature to of DTR before we all leave and enter the retail store and also the human body search everytime we leave the store, then after that Ma'am Carol confirmed the Rx area to us then simply we began copying the drugs inside the Rx location after that we roam around and observed the whole drugstore. The next day we do the same thing as well, and started duplicating each book from book 1 to 10 right up until the last day of our internship and we are having an exam every book regular. The best experience in this internships is when we were allowed to dispense drugs and at the same time we encounter different types of customers. I'm grateful which i finished this internship and learned a lot that will business lead me into a brighter long term.