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Which is the better education ad?

Free education advertising writing,education advertising,advertising,advertising campaigns,advertising school article Education ads have become a big deal in Australia and the UK. They are designed to promote education, to promote quality learning and to make sure that students can get the right education.They are the mainstay of the advertising industry in both countries and they are one of […]

How to spot a real education advertisement

Posted June 15, 2018 08:31:23 The advertisement below is an ad for a physical education class.If you click on the ad, you’ll get a chance to win an Apple TV remote for your home or office.But what do you get?The ad says it’s a “physical education class” and that’s it.The class includes an audio recording, […]

How to Make an Ad on Facebook Ads With Google AdWords

Google’s AdWords platform offers ad networks the ability to create branded posts for their own advertising platforms, and AdSense allows advertisers to target ads to a specific audience.AdSense is also the platform for the Google+ platform.With Google AdSense, you can create, edit, and share customized AdWords ad campaigns.Advertisers can then distribute their campaigns to their […]

What to do when your school signs you up for a free textbook

The Washington Post/Getty Images Education Department officials announced Monday that all of the nation’s public schools will be free to offer free online textbooks this year.The change comes as the Department of Education grapples with the massive enrollment surge the Affordable Care Act has unleashed as students flock to schools to find affordable coverage for […]

How to get your college to cover your textbooks

There’s no such thing as a free lunch for the student-athlete.As long as they’re paying for their education, college professors are obliged to provide a textbook cover, and the money is supposed to go toward supporting their research.The cover comes with a cost: students need to cover the costs of textbooks they purchase.But some college […]


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