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When will you be able to sign up for a job?

A lot of employers have changed their recruitment and training policies recently, with some saying they are now accepting only online applications.But that’s not the case for some state-level teachers, according to a new study.According to the study, which was released this week by the National Association of State Teachers, only 2% of state-paid teachers […]

Which advertising agency are you using?

If you’ve ever used a search engine to discover what ads you can buy on an online retailer, you’re not alone.And while the term “advertiser-driven” can be used to describe the exact business model of some companies, many of the best and most influential are ones that are driven by advertising.There are more than 60 […]

How to make an ad for a new technology

An ad for Facebook’s Messenger application appears on a screen for an unknown reason in India.Facebook says it’s a security measure. The ad, which can be found on the page for Facebook Messenger in India, asks users to share their interests and interests are more than 1.3 billion people in the country.It’s not clear what the […]

‘We’re all Americans’: Student union urges federal regulators to ‘step up’ on colleges and universities

The Student Association of the United States of America has issued a letter to President Donald Trump, urging the Federal Trade Commission to “take immediate action” against the “unprecedented” amount of deceptive advertisements that it says students are receiving on college campuses.The letter, sent Monday to the FTC, cites two separate incidents of ads that […]

How to get rid of the ads for ‘educational’ adverts

Advertisements are ubiquitous in the digital landscape.They’re embedded everywhere from shopping carts to digital signage, but their role in advertising has been largely overlooked.In the US alone, the number of adverts has doubled since 2006, according to research from the consultancy Advertising Age.It estimates that US consumers spend $2.7bn (£2.1bn) a year on online ads.Advertising […]

How Google Is Using Chromebox Ads to Sell Books

Chromebot ads are being used to promote a number of educational software titles and to advertise booksellers.According to an analysis of Google’s AdWords ads, the ads were first placed on Chromebots on April 6, 2018.They were removed from the Chrome store by April 19.A search for “google books” returns a list of titles, which is […]


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