VLAN Dissertation


Beth Hayes



Barbara Hecker

The benefits of making a Virtual Local Area Network (VLAN) are quite a few and include things like less bandwidth consumption, increased security, and the ability to get users to get in different geographical locations although still sharing resources. 1 plan to segment the network is to break down it in broadcast domains, reducing network congestion and in addition increasing reliability. The network will be segmented according to group capabilities. For instance, the engineering section will have one segment, the phone call center will have another portion, operations may have another section, and the advertising department will have another part. To improve security, each part will be separated from the remaining network, permitting access to always be regulated involving the segments. Managing access to the consumer segments with user groupings which are based upon the same sections as the network is considered the most effective way of increasing reliability. This step will make sure that each group will have the access that they need although still enabling everyone to access the actual need too. A VLAN membership depending on port job will help to aid any upcoming restructuring in the physical structure. This way, a centralized government of the network and its users can be create, so that each time a user has to relocate, it can be done efficiently devoid of regard towards the physical limits of the network. By using Layer 3 change, we can offer better power over the network, the VLAN, and consumer assignments in the VLAN regular membership. Although a Layer two switch could satisfy the necessary requirements, it might not deliver as much control. We will use the IEEE 802. 1Q trunking protocol for the network that may enable us to use a a few different vendors to deliver the components we need and maintain the costs straight down. VLAN Trunking Protocol (VTP) will add speed and efficiency towards the...

References: Stallings, W., & Case, T. (2013).  Business data communications: infrastructure, social networking, and security (7th ed. ).: Prentice Hall.

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